Wedding Reception Guitarist Pricing.

I’ve performed as a wedding reception guitarist for many, many years now at hundreds of weddings, birthday, corporate and social events. Before I can advise on pricing I need to know a couple of things from you such as:

Where the event is based? | What time you’d like me to perform to and from? | and so on.

There are also a number of different options you will need to consider. I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to think about what kind of performance you would like from and me when you might require me on your special day so have a look below and either fill in an online form here or email me at or call me on 07794 659405 to advise.


Option 1

2×45 minutes of solo acoustic guitar & vocals during your wedding or daytime drinks reception or wedding breakfast meal.

Option 2

2×45 minutes of solo acoustic guitar & vocals during the evening.

Option 3

2×45 minutes of acoustic guitar & vocals during the evening with a full PA system & DJ services with lighting for the stage and dancefloor areas until midnight. (Able to take DJ requests and make announcements)

Option 4

Any of the above plus a second musician either performing with a cajon drum, keyboard, or additional acoustic guitar/bass.

Option 5

Something else – Please get in touch and let me know what you require of me.


I am also able to perform as a wedding reception guitarist live outside if the weather is nice enough due to my state of the art battery powered guitar amplifier at no extra cost. I can run both vocals and guitar through it so it’s plenty loud enough (While still being quiet enough) so all your guests can enjoy my performance while chilling out, eating, drinking and enjoying the whole day and evening.

Please check out my Facebook page here for more information about me.

Wedding Reception Guitarist

Wedding Reception Guitarist.